How do competitions work?

You play 1 match a week against another team. At the end of the league games all teams qualify for a final 1 day cup competition against teams from other leagues. The league winners take home a trophy to keep and the winners of the cup competition get to hold a bigger trophy until the next competition.

Where and when do I play?

You make a choice of location and night of the week and your league matches will always be there. You can give a preference for kick off time which we try and meet as often as possible. Almost all locations are artificial grass and parking is usually always free (location dependent). All this information you can find on the location pages for each venue.

How did FOOTY begin?

The owner of Footy worked in London and every week played on a half field. Nothing like that existed in the Netherlands so in 2010 he set up a company football competition for 7 teams in Amsterdam West. All those teams were formed from companies in the area. From then on Footy grew at a rapid tempo and now hundreds of teams have played in a Footy competition. Not just company teams but more and more friends teams.

How many players per team?

7v7 teams are formed from 6 players and goalkeeper. Mixed teams are permitted. If you are short of players you can ask the organisation for help as we have a long list of reserves.

6v6 teams consist of 5 players and a goalkeeper and 5v5 teams from 4 players and a goalkeeper.

What if we can't play a certain week?

Our mission is to cancel as few games as possible. If your whole team cannot play on a given week then let us know in advance and we can try and rearrange your match and arrange a friendly for your opposition.

If it is on the day of the match then you should contact the organisation and let us help with reserve players. If this is not possible then your opposition have the choice of claiming a 5-0 win or trying to rearrange the match. We always follow the wishes of the team that did not cancel (if they are possible within the limits of the schedule).

If you don't attend a match without contacting us then we reserve the right to remove your team from the competition without refund.

What time is kick off?

The correct times are always displayed on the website. Before the season each team receives a playing schedule for the whole season. If teams join later or games are rearranged then the schedule can be updated and teams will be notified. Teams should be at the correct pitch and ready to play in time for kick off.

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