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Modern complex

You can find our 7v7 football competition on artificial grass next to Paddepoel shopping centre in Groningen. Footy wants to give a new home in the North to company and friends football at the club ‘de Parrel’. The facilities are in perfect condition which ensures a positive atmosphere around the club and on the field. Make a space in your agenda on Wednesday evenings and play in one of our 7v7 competitions!

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Company football with colleagues and friends
Company Football
Work Hard Play Footy

Footy is a unique concept that brings people together, gives an energetic boost and let’s you discover a revolutionary way to play football. Be done with training twice a week and matches at far away locations that take up your whole weekend.

Sounds interesting? Get your boots on, sign up and be part of Footy’s fun!

Altijd al in teamverband willen voetballen? Bij onze 7tegen7 competities kom je ook nog eens vaak aan de bal!

Velocitas te Stadspark
Mulock Houwerlaan 29
9727 KG Groningen

De Parrel

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