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Always wanted to play football with your college mates? Join one of our 5v5, 6v6 or 7v7 competitions

The football competition for students in Amsterdam!

After hours of studying everyone needs a break. With Footy’s student competitions in Amsterdam¬† you can get out onto the field and smash some goals in to get that release!

One night a week you play a match against another student team. The end of the league is celebrated with an exciting cup competition with trophies to be won. Join now and play your way to a place in Footy’s hall of fame.


A football competition in exceptional surroundings

Amsterdam has much to offer in many areas and it’s sporting side is no different. No surprise then that Footy can offer 4 top locations for our student leagues. Everything is taken care of to make sure that you can focus on your game. Just turn up, get on the field and play Footy! After the match you can celebrate your win in the bar (or drink away your sorrows) and still have a chance to win what the Dutch call the ‘3rd half!’


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