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Always wanted to play in a team with your friends? Come and join one of our 5v5 or 6v6 competitions

Women’s football Amsterdam

Like the idea of playing football with your colleagues or friends on a Tuesday evening after a hard day’s work? Then with Footy you’re at the right place! Have you got the skills and precision of players like Alex Morgan or Marta Vieira da Silva? Or yet to buy your first pair of football boots? No problem, Footy organises competitions to suit every level!

If you played a bad match then at all our locations there is always the chance to win what the Dutch call the 3rd half – in the bar afterwards!

Until then… Work Hard – Play Footy!

Alongside the women only competitons we also organise competitions for compnay and friends where both men and women are welcome to play.

At this moment we offer women’s competitions in Amsterdam and Utrecht

“Nothing better than taking to the field every Tuesday with the best women to battle for the win and in defeat winning the 3rd half for us.”
Nicky – De Terriers

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